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 Post subject: THIS Says it All!
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The following was just posted on the General Discussions Board by Zesti, and I believe says it all:

Keeping fruit in my daily diet is what really helps me. When I go a day without eating fruit, the cravings start coming on. The first place my craving brain takes me is to chocolate. I was such a chocoholic! LittlePrincess told me about soy nuts and raisins..I ate that until the craving was gone. It worked.
I felt like I just ate a whole bag of Hershey's Kisses. And, then I started to think about what I had or had NOT eaten during my day. And, you guessed it. I didn't have fruit for some reason or other.
I still keep the raisins and nuts on hands for emergencies! But, now I keep more canned or frozen fruit on hand. When I run out of fresh, I still have my daily dose of fruit. Doesn't matter what kind it is, or how much.
I buy the canned in it's own juice and the frozen is just fruit, no added sugar or salt.
I try and start and end each day with fruit. When I do this. All else just falls into place. Just like the book says. I haven't had a "chocolate attack" for some time now.
I am not a breakfast food eater. Never have been. I tried, but still I am not a breakfast food eater.
Even trying to get a smoothie or a banana down in the mornings was tough at first. But, what made me stick to it was the fact that when I had my fruit in the mornings, I didn't crave sweets for the rest of the day. This was AMAZING for me. Now, I savor my smoothies in the mornings and for dinner. I look forward to coming up with some new concoction. On some days. I even have cut up fruit on the side. And, a certain time of month. I eat it until I just can't eat anymore! Those are the best days for me now. The craving is over and done with and not hanging on for the rest of the week.
I didn't believe the part about eating until YOU CAN'T EAT ANYOMRE!. I thought I would to need a room addition to house just to cover me. That's the old diet mentality (stinking thinking) though.
I still can't believe the amount of food that I eat, but the less I think about it and the more I eat of LDL, the faster the weight comes off. I no longer compare the amount that I eat to the amount my friends eat or what a serving size is. I just eat.
I am sticking to the recipes cards now. It just makes life so much easier for me. I just change the spices or herbs to my mood. Fruits in the morning, protein at lunch, meatless soup for dinner with a salad maybe, and fruit for late night or even just for dinner if I am in the mood. Those are my favorite dinners!
Someone else did all the thinking and I don't have to any of the stinking!!


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 Post subject: Re: THIS Says it All!
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:ymapplause: You got it girl! :D I'm sooooooo glad the soynuts and raisins works for you too. It's the magical LDL chocolate killer! LOL! I love my fruit too and I do exactly what you do. I buy canned and frozen and save those until my fresh runs out. It's a good system for those of us on a budget! *HUGS* Keep up the great attitude chicklet! You are an inspiration to us all.

Blessed and Loved,

All you will ever be is you.  Learn to love it.

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